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2011 Decorators' Show House and Gardens
Flower Cutting Room

featured in the Indianapolis Monthly May 2011

Elle Designs was awarded the welcomed delight of 1st Place ASID Supporting Area at the 2011 Decorators' Show House and Gardens for this creation.

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This once kitchen needed a splash of color, unique terra cotta pot lights, and plenty of room for tool storage and arranging flowers. We replaced the drop ceiling and fluorescent lighting with new drywall, recessed can lights, and an accent platform painted with a splash of eggplant for our unique terra cotta pot lights to hang. Building a shelving unit, with a cabinet provided an area for working, arranging and camouflaging a hot water tank that we could not remove. We replaced a traditional sink with a stainless steel bucket and installed a censor touch faucet to allow for optimal use when dirty hands need washing. By bringing the grass cloth wall covering in the space it allowed the outdoors to be brought indoors. Finishing touches of twig cabinet handles, framed magazine covers, and endless gardening accessories completes this space. 

You can sit, relax, and enjoy some lemonade after working out in the garden.



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