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Tanglewood Retreat

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Family Room

A neutral backdrop gives this space a perfect setting for bold furnishings. Terra cotta upholstery paired with eggplant accents, pillows, and shag area rug breathe life into this room. We introduced a striped pattern onto the slipper chairs and accent pillows to give some pattern to the room. The richness of the dark tables give our accessories a perfect resting place. We accentuated the ceiling height by placing long vertical eggplant window panels on the expanse of windows, this helps to soften the wall and pulls the eggplant accent color up onto the vertical surface. By placing bold accent colors on all surfaces of a space your eye dances around and is not drawn to one bold item. We pulled the color palette into the Powder Room with a bold painted stripe on all of the walls, keeping this small space very interesting. We also took the couples honeymoon destination photos and used those as artwork for the space. A great way to personalize a room!

Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate, A Master Suite

This Master Suite boasts expansive ceiling heights, a unique plant shelf, and relaxing bubble bath waiting for you. Introducing a graphic wallcovering was essential in giving the room some pattern and focus. By placing the wallcovering on an accent wall allows your eye to dance around the space and picks up on the accent colors of chocolate brown and various shades of green. You can curl up on the chaise lounge and read a good book, and enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing. To create this relaxing atmosphere we added various types of lighting: Table Lamps, Recessed Can Lights on Dimmers, and a Chandelier all work together to add drama to the space. Connected to this bedroom is the Master Bathroom, that also picked up on the decor and keeping with the same color palette lets you enter each space feeling the same - Rested, Rejuvenated, and Relaxed.

Education Station

Children need their own space to create their world through artwork, crafts, and educational activities. We took a couple's sunroom, that was not being utilized, and designed an "Education Station." Complete with all of the essentials: a window seat for reading endless books, a centralized table and chairs for coloring and playing play dough, and utilizing the wall space with cubbies to keep puzzles, and supplies organized. As children grow it is important to let their spaces grow with them, we kept this in mind when selecting decor, colors, and furnishings. The eggplant paint color on the walls paired with an urban red accent color created our color palette. Building on this palette with polka dot window treatments, and a fun shag rug gives the space the juvenile flair that is necessary for young minds, but will allow the space to transform through the years from preschool to high school. As the children grow you can trade the pint sized table and chairs out for an adult version, still giving them a space of their own for school projects and homework. The lighting selected can also grow with the space. Wall sconces on a swing arm are perfect for reading, and an overhead ceiling fan/light in conjunction with all of the natural light allow for stimulation of the mind and ample lighting for that award winning science fair project.

Pink-a-licious - A Little Girl's Paradise

For any little girl a pink paradise is essential in their childhood, who doesn't play dress up pretending they are living in a castle like Cindarella. This space was designed for just that little girl. Pink, pink, and a little more pink was a common thread with this bedroom design. We took a large graphic damask wallcovering and placed it on two of the walls to introduce a pattern to the space, and placed a lighter shade of pink paint on the remaining walls giving us a 360 degree backdrop for our custom design elements. These elements included taking the ceiling and transforming it into becoming the focal point of the room. We placed a chandelier in the center of the space for overhead illumination, and placed a painted medallion around the base to give the fixture a grander scale, we then draped pink satin fabric from the fixture to the 4 corners of the room. This gives the room it's own unique flair coupled with a pink shag rug, rhinestone bed linens, and a custom made lamp shade this space would be a favorite for any little princess.

Friday Night Retreat

Popcorn popping, a good monopoly game, and a movie on the big screen is just what this lower level hang out was designed to be used for. A place to entertain and enjoy family and friends is essential in a home today. Selecting a warm color palette of chocolate brown, terra cotta, and butterscotch paint colors partnered with speckled shag carpeting give this family friendly lower level an inviting atmosphere. We selected a hard surface subway tile flooring for the bar area and half bathroom, granite look-a-like laminate with a copper sink for the bar finishes, ample recessed lighting on dimmers to create the ambiance for the space, along with decorative pendant lighting above the bar are a great combination for any activity. We took the chocolate brown and terra cotta paint colors and created a vertical stripe pattern for interest in the half bathroom. Sports memorabilia, family photos, and license plates from where the couple have lived personalize the space.


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